Lake Bell poses completely naked for the latest issue of New York magazine.
Lake Bell poses completely naked for the latest issue of New York magazine. New York Magazine

Actress/director Lake Bell has posed naked for the latest issue of New York magazine.

The 34-year-old No Strings Attached star is covered with a fake tattoo of a black rose designed by her tattoo artist husband Scott Campbell and her right hand is strategically placed over other parts.

Bell talked about her upcoming movie, In a World..., which she wrote, directed, produced and stars in. The comedy film tells the tale of Carol, a struggling vocal coach who has always been overshadowed by her father, Sam Soto (Fred Melamed), who is the industry's reigning voice-over king.

Bell won the prestigious Waldo Salt Screenwriting award for the film at the Sundance Film Festival.

Meanwhile, Bell had reportedly said she is "obsessed with the voice-over world."

"I think I'm more specifically obsessed with the idea of the blind voice and voice acting, the voice as a tool to express oneself, whether in characterization or in life," she told to Los Angeles Times, "Needless to say, the voice is such an incredible tool, and for an actor, it's massive, but even just as a human, there are two things that dictate how the person across from you is going to judge you, and one is obviously how you look, but then of course there's the voice. It's the most influential tool when you first make an impression on someone."

She also revealed who are her favourite comedy heroes: "I have a handful of movies that I keep on my desk. The top of that list is The King of Comedy. [Martin] Scorsese taking on comedy is so interesting and dynamic and strange and wonderful, but also the performances are so rich and neurotic and so deeply hilarious. I enjoy movies where characters that would usually be peripheral are the protagonists. I think Hannah and Her Sisters has that, Citizen Ruth, Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice, those are movies that help me stay inspired."

The issue hits newsstands on 12 August.