Lenovo Selfie Flash is perfect partner for your selfie stick
The Lenovo Selfie Flash is the perfect partner for your selfie stick and will light up your face perfectly Lenovo

While the selfie stick may have solved a lot of the biggest problems afflicting selfie lovers the world over, it didn't solve the problem of getting the lighting on your face just right.

Poor lighting is one of the banes of any self-respecting selfie taker - especially on the dance floor I find - but with Lenovo's new Selfie Flash, that is no longer a problem.

The Lenovo Vibe Xtension Selfie Flash - to give it its full name - plugs into the headphone jack of your phone and a ring of eight diffused LEDs will illuminate your face to allow you take a perfect selfie.

Promising a pleasant blanket of light rather than a harsh blast of light, the Selfie Flash also promises to have 100% shutter sync...phew.

Retailing for $29 (£19) direct from Lenovo the flash can be turned around if you want to take regular (read boring) photos of other people giving you a much better flash than the one on your smartphone.

The problem is the Selfie Flash is only designed to work with one smartphone:

"The Xtension Selfie Flash has been designed specifically for use with the VIBE X2 Pro," Craig Bond from Lenovo said.

However Tom Warren at The Verge has managed to try out the Selfie Flash (he loves it naturally) and found it worked well with a Moto X though not a Nexus 5 or iPhone 6 Plus.

Clearly this is going to be the product if CES 2015 and we strongly suspect Apple will launch the iSelfie Flash alongside the iPhone 7 next year.