The Libyan army on Sunday (November 17) maintained a strong presence on the streets of Tripoli after two security sources said the country's deputy intelligence chief was kidnapped outside the capital city's airport.

Mustafa Noah, the head of the intelligence agency's espionage unit, was pulled into a vehicle in the car park, and had no bodyguards with him at the time, one of the sources said.

Tripoli city leaders on Sunday called for street protests and strikes at shops, schools and universities to press Libya's government to drive out militiamen blamed for the clashes.

Protesters gathered in Algeria Square in the capital calling on the militamen to leave.

Violence broke out on Friday (November 15) when militiamen from the coastal city of Misrata opened fire on protesters marching on their brigade quarters in Tripoli to demand they leave the capital.

Dozens of people were killed in the fighting that followed - the deadliest street violence in Tripoli since Gaddafi's fall. Misrata gunmen and rival militias clashed again on Saturday to the east of the capital, killing one more.

Many stores, schools and universities were closed in the capital on Sunday - normally a working day in Libya. Residents set up barricades of metal, wood and tyres to protect their streets and join the protest.

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