As Britain's Queen II prepares to celebrate her Diamond Jubilee this weekend here is a look at this fascinating and loyal Queen and mother. Queen Elizabeth II, Britain's 63rd monarch, has steered the monarchy through decades of social change while remaining a symbol of national stability in a shifting world.

The Queen makes her public debut as a babe in arms with her nanny outside Glamis Castle.

Here she is with her parents and Sister Margaret in a royal carriage celebrating her grandfather's George V silver jubilee reign.

Her parents came onto the throne after the abdication of her uncle David

As a young woman she did her bit in wartime proudly driving a Red Cross ambulance

On her 21<sup>st birthday as the heir apparent she made a speech from South Africa.

She married Prince Phillip of Greece at Westminster Abbey and here is her first born son Charles.

On the death of her father King George VI she became queen

Here she is at her coronation on June 2<sup>nd 1953

Huge crowds gather to see the Royal coach

Here are the Queen's four children,Charles,Anne,Andrew and Edward

The fairytale wedding of Prince Charles and Princess Diana in their carriage and later with their firstborn son William

Which ended in divorce and tragedy after their divorce as Princes Diana was killed in a Paris Car crash in 1997. The national out pouring of grief was unprecedented.

Here is Prince William the Queen's eldest grandson and heir and his new wife Kate Middleton at their wedding last year

The Queen is now the second-longest reigning British monarch in more than 1,000 years of history, surpassed only by Queen Victoria, who reigned for more than 63 years. The major Jubilee celebrations will take place over four days from June 2nd to June 5th, including a concert at Buckingham Palace and a pageant involving a flotilla of 1,000 ships on the River Thames.

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Written and Presented by Ann Salter