The images in this gallery are not created using Photoshop - they are all high-speed photographs of water and milk splashes. Amateur photographer Markus Reugels started experimenting with liquid art six years ago and has become a master of the technique.

Markus has set up a studio at his home in a village near Schweinfurt in Germany. He uses remotely-triggered cameras and flashes, along with coloured gels, air rifles, smoke and mirrors to create and capture the effects.

In the image above, Marcus captured a pellet fired through the water splash. The colours come from gels placed over the synchronised flash guns.

He also begun experimenting with bubbles, capturing water splashes inside fragile soap bubbles.

Markus also uses smoke in his photos to create an other-worldly effect.

He often thickens water using guar gum. He explains: "I want a similar viscosity to milk or cream. This helps to make smoother shapes and they hold longer together before they collapse. Sometimes I use only milk, as this is the best fluid for droplets. You can bring colour into the splash with gels on the flash."

You can see more of his amazing photos at his website or on his page at 500px.