UFO remains one of the most intriguing topics for sci-buffs. Every year several encounters with these mysterious objects are reported. However, the truth about them remains vague and uncertain.

These unidentified objects are often thought to be the key to the burning questions about alien life. There are many places in the world that are said to be top destinations for flying saucers and attract UFO hunters' attention.

Meanwhile, Fresh Student Living has released a list of the UFO hotspots in the United Kingdom. The list is based on Freedom of Information request results from the Royal Air Force including the areas with the most records of flying saucer sightings. As per the news statement, the final documented recording was closed in 2009 before RAF was shut down the same year.

The record details over 626 sightings from across the UK. It is said that more than 56 places across England reported UFO incidents in a 12-month period. London remains at the top of the list with 54 sightings in the year, followed by Kent with 30 reports, Lancashire with 24 reports, Derbyshire and Essex with 22 reports, each. Meanwhile, places with less than 10 reports include Glasgow, Edinburgh, Liverpool, Gloucestershire, and more. Meanwhile, Dunham, East Yorkshire, New Port, Tyne & Wear, and Gwynedd remain at the end of the list.

In addition, it is reported that there was a surge in 2019 in UFO sightings in the UK. Also, a 2020 YouGov survey suggests that 19 percent of Britons believe that "it's somewhat likely to very likely that aliens currently live on Earth."

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The new list comes just in time for World UFO Day which was celebrated on Thursday. It is an awareness day that is celebrated on July 2 to commemorate the supposed UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell UFO incident. Some consider June 24 as the big day after Kenneth Arnold reported an incident that is widely regarded as the first report to have sparked theories about UFO sightings on our planet.