Pepe Reina says he has no intentions of leaving Liverpool at the end of the season, with the keeper dismissing comments from his father than he would love to make a move to Barcelona.

Reina has had a difficult season for the Reds so far, with injury and inconsistencies marring the side's push for a top four spot.

The Spaniard is believed to be a target for Barcelona, who are likely to lose Victor Valdes when his contract expires in the summer of 2014, but he insists that he is happy at Liverpool and sees his long term future with the club.

"I have a Liverpool contract and I'm only thinking of playing for the club - I am calm," he told the Daily Mirror.

"My dad has a past with Barca, he has affection for the club and perhaps that's why he said it. He wants the best for me. But I have a contract here and I have nothing else to say this.

"For me, Barca is the best in the world, for greatness and for style ... and Atletico are starting to equip themselves well, with a great coach. They are two great clubs. They are the two clubs where my father played and two great teams."

Reina admitted that Liverpool have a long way to go if they hope to match up with the top teams in the table as they are currently seventh after taking their draw at the weekend where they felt they should have had three points.

"I think with the likes of City, United and Chelsea, they have a big edge over us at the moment, both financially and squad-wise," he explained.

"There's a reason they are so many points ahead of us, and it's not because of one or two better players. Right now we can't compete with the big guns."

Reina insisted that his inconsistency this season has come from injuries and dealing with changes to the club's philosophy, as they look to create long term success under Brendan Rodgers.

"Some people say I've had a bad season, but honestly I think I only had three poor matches, at the beginning of the year," he said.

"It's been a strange season for me because I've missed lots of games with injury. This has been the most unsettled season, both personally and as a team, since I joined the club.

"Liverpool is going through a transitional period, with new ideas and a different playing philosophy. That takes time. People have to be patient. It's normal for us to be erratic."