Former Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler insists Luis Suarez's future at Anfield is solely down to the Uruguayan.

Suarez's 10-match ban for biting Chelsea's Branislav Ivanovic, which will see the 26-year-old miss the remainder of the season as well as the first six games of the 2013/14 campaign, has raised questions over his long-term future in English football.

And according to Fowler, the global scrutiny of the incident, the second high-profile episode involving Suarez after he was banned for eight matches for racially abusing Manchester United's Patrice Evra in 2011, may have left the forward feeling victimised.

Luis Suarez
Suarez has been banned for 10 games but fears a rife he won't return.

"I'm a Liverpool fan still, I want to see him in a red shirt and I'd love it more than anything," Fowler said.

"It's entirely his decision. The way he has been treated, he might feel a little bit victimised himself.

"I'm all for him being punished and what he did was wrong and rightly so he has got his ban but he might feel as though he's been a little bit victimised. It's his decision. The club and the fans will obviously stand by him but it is totally his decision."

Fowler himself was not adverse to controversy during his eight year Liverpool career, having been banned for six-games after a clash with Chelsea defender Graeme Le Saux coupled with a celebration against Birmingham City which mimicked taking cocaine.

The 38-year-old, who netted 289 goals for The Reds, says the club must rally around Suarez in order to prevent their top scorer departing the club for pastures new this summer.

"The club have come out and say he's been punished and rightly so," insisted Fowler. "I don't think anyone can hide behind that fact but at the same time Liverpool has to show Luis Suarez that they want him.

"He will get the support, he has done wrong but he will get the backing of the club and of the supporters.

"It's not just a case of wanting to, but needing to as well," he added. "We've seen the stats he's never been sent off for Liverpool but he's been banned a total of 25 games, something does need addressing.

"The club have not really come out and said we'll get him this help, we'll get him that help - most of the time they've done things behind the curtains if you like - they will look after him and they will give him the help that he needs."