I'm a Celebrity stars Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles
I'm a Celebrity Stars Vincent Simone and Annabel Giles go head-to-head in bush tucker trial.

It was a bush tucker trial too far for new addition to I'm a Celebrity, Annabel Giles.

The former model found herself in a head-to-head challenge with fellow latecomer to the ITV show, Strictly Come Dancing star, Vincent Simone.

Arguably one of the most dreaded trials, the celebrities had to hold an array of live, giant, jungle critters in their mouths for twenty seconds in a bid to win food for the camp. A goliath stick insect, a king cricket, a burrowing cockroach, and a water spider were among the delicacies on offer in the excruciating challenge.

Balancing a stick insect in her mouth, Giles was reduced to near hysterics in round one . "It's much worse than you think" said the 42-year-old, describing the bug as "a bit twiggy."

Channelling "Girl Power," Giles managed to hold a burrowing cockroach in her mouth, while Simone forfeited the round, choking on the bug that was apparently oozing liquid.

While Giles bolted at the sight of a scorpion-like critter, Simone faced one of his worst fears, as he attempted to hold a water spider in his mouth. "I couldn't believe I'm doing this. Never in a million years," exclaimed the professional dancer. "I have to try. I promised my family I would try everything."

However, Simone was unable to complete the challenge, after being bitten by the spider and needed medical attention. He was offered the chance to have another go, by Geordie hosts Ant and Dec, but unsurprisingly passed up the invitation.

Giles also passed, and with scores at level pegging it went to a tie-breaker. The two contestants were faced finally with a Bug in a Mug, a drink of blended meal worms and crickets, with the first contestant to drink the entire concoction declared the winner.

Gulping down the gruesome beverage to win the entire challenge, Simone said he "didn't want to even think about the taste," while Giles less eloquently described it as "sh*t" in a mug."

While a jubilant Simone disappeared into the jungle to meet the rest of the celebrities in the camp with seven meals in tow, Giles was sentenced to a night in the outback prison cell. Summing up the experience of the bushtucker trial she said: "I was a bit annoyed that Vincent won on a ridiculously childish level, because I feel that I helped him last night and he walks away with food for the camp."

A smug Simone said: "I'm so proud of myself. I'm taking six meals into the camp and not only that. they're going to have my lovely company. They are such lucky people."

Giles was finally rescued from her jungle prison by Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star Alphonso Ribeiro and Joey Essex, joining the rest of the camp.

Meanwhile, the public have voted for Joey Essex to face the next bush tucker trial, the intriguingly titled Cavern of Claws. An audience favourite, the 29-year-old TOWIE (The Only Way Is Essex) star has already endured several trials since the show started.

Watch the next edition of I'm A Celebrity on ITV on Sunday 23 November at 9pm.