Articles by Priya Joshi

Priya Joshi is an entertainment reporter at International Business Times UK.

With over ten years experience as a journalist she has regularly contributed to a broad range of publications including The Guardian, News International Newspapers, Marie Claire, The Big Issue, Great British Life, Moscow News, India Today International and the BBC Asian Network. She has also served as the editor of an arts and culture website for AOL.

Specialising in film, Priya has an extensive background in TV and film production. She has served as the resident film reviewer at BBC Movies, and Filmfour and is also a freelance film reporter for Digital Spy.

Priya is fluent in Russian, Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi.


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Will U.S. Supreme Court EPA Ruling Rein In Federal Regulators?

The U.S. Supreme Court on Thursday curtailed the Environmental Protection Agency's ability to restrict greenhouse gas emissions from power plants in a 6-3 ruling that some legal experts said would more broadly curb the federal government's regulatory power.