Madonna left fans reeling after she abruptly ended her live show in Paris after just 45 minutes.

The 53-year-old pop icon was booed and jeered and angry fans bombarded her with demands for refunds when she left the stage.

In a two-minute clip on YouTube, erstwhile fans are shown catcalling and throwing empty bottles and plastic cups on to the stage.

The intimate show, part of the MDNA tour and intended to promote tolerance, descends into further chaos in the footage when they started chanting "Rembourssez! Rembourssez!" ("We want our money back!").

Others members of the crowd also are also heard shouting "Salope", a derogatory term used against women.

YouTube was forced to disable comments on the live video stream after it received more than 12,000 dislikes, said Associated Press.

Ahead of her set Madonna had said how excited she was about performing in France. She told the crowd: ''I have a special affinity with France and I have for many years.

"It could go all the way to Napoleon because I think of myself as a revolutionary."

Fans are said to have paid between £63 (€80) and £219 (€280) for at Paris's Olympia Club.