Madonna's latest album "MDNA" sold 359,000 copies... she topped the Billboard 200 Albums chart and her album marked the biggest debut sale in 2012 in America. In addition, the singer is also getting ready for her US tour later this summer.

However, the veteran entertainer is happiest because she is launching her own perfume brand.

The new fragrance, "Truth or Dare", was launched at Macy's Herald Square store, where Madonna was seen in a black top and skirt. According to the Daily Mail, the "Material Girl" showed plenty of her svelte figure in a sheer black lace dress and although her top half was clearly clad in a bodysuit, her legs were visible under a flimsy skirt. She completed the seductive ensemble with black peep-toed pumps and a heavy cross pendant.

A few lucky Madonna fans (who had bought the fragrance as part of a special package) were allowed to sit with her for a question-and-answer session and personally ask her questions.

"I wanted to create a fragrance that reminded me of mother gardenias," Madonna was quoted as saying by My Fox New York.

"I have been trying to develop a fragrance for probably the last 15 years. It's never worked out with various companies and different people and trying different fragrances. They never turned out the way I wanted them to smell," Madonna was quoted as saying by the Washington Post.

"It's the mass producing part that always gets tricky, because for some reason the fragrances that I like tend to be really expensive. One time I created a smell and I was told the amber, it was like a million dollars to ship from India or something. And then they tried to make (a) synthetic (version). This happens a lot and it never smells as good as you want it to smell. That's happened a couple times. Finally I got a smell I like that I can mass produce. Yay!" she exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Diet Coke has come up with a new design for their bottles - inspired by Madonna's iconic "cone bra" ensemble that French designer Jean Paul Gaultier created for her in the 1990s. Gaultier is now the new Creative Director for Diet Coke.

For his first assignment he chose the Queen of Pop's signature look to create new bottles and also his own blue and white stripes with his name printed on it.

"The cream-colored Madonna bottle, which has no official tie to the singer, is painted with a fishnet corset and, of course, cone bra. Both the bottles are for the European campaign and won't be available in the US," Billboard reports.