Madonna has made a movie about the woman for whom Edward VIII surrendered his throne. W.E., which is out of the official competition, premiered yesterday at the Venice Film Festival.

This movie took Madonna seven years to write, cast and film. "I don't think it's a big jump to go from songwriting to making films because in the end they're all telling stories," the Material Girl said.

The pop superstar has come up with a modern plot to run alongside the "Wallis-and-Edward" (W.E.) legend.

W.E. is a tale of the miserably married New Yorker Wally (Abbie Cornish) who finds solace in the notorious romance with England's King Edward VIII, who gave up his throne to marry her.

On her inspiration to have taken up this subject, Madge says, "I was utterly swept up in trying to understand the reason that this man King Edward VIII would give up the throne for the woman he loved, why he would relinquish this position of power for love."

This is Madonna's second take at filmmaking (after the 2008 "Filth and Wisdom").

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