Jada Pinkett Smith
Jada Pinkett Smith at the European premiere for Magic Mike XXL. Getty

Her marriage to Will Smith has defied the curse of Hollywood to last almost two decades, but Jada Pinkett Smith refuses to believe in happily ever after.

Speaking to IBTimes UK's A-list at the European premiere of Magic Mike XXL, the 43-year-old pint-sized star said that women should focus on working with Prince Charming not just on finding him.

"I think the idea of finding the man of your dreams is the problem. There is no such thing as a perfect guy. There is no such things as a perfect woman," she said.

"So you really have to look for those qualities. Do you have a man in your life that wants to love you and wants to learn to love you. Because it takes a process for people to learn to love each other. And that's the most important quality.

And despite being worth an estimated $20m (£12m), Pinkett insists that money isn't everything: "He might not have everything but if he wants to work hard on loving you, that's what's most important."

In the big screen sequel to 2012's stripper movie Magic Mike, Pinkett Smith plays the role of Rome, the powerful, sexier and strong owner of a male entertainment palace.

Discussing the drastic altered attitudes towards male stripping and female exotic dancers later on the red carpet, the mother-of-two said that society made it hard for women to have sexual freedom.

"I think it's the way in which society thinks that women should relate to sex," she said. "I think that society believes that men have the license to have sexual freedom and women don't. When women take the license to have sexual freedom they are given a stigma and that's why."

For the event held at London's Leicester Square, the mother-of-two was supported by castmates Joe Manganiello, Adam Rodriguez, Channing Tatum, Amber Heard and Matt Bomer.