Manchester City were tragically knocked out of the Europa League despite pulling off a 3-2 win against Sporting Lisbon at the Etihad Stadium.

Sporting, who just barely managed to scrape through to the next round on away goals, dominated the first half of the match, scoring two goals via Matias Fernandez and Ricky van Wolfswinkel in the 33<sup>rd and 40<sup>th minute respectively.

City, who were now facing an aggregate deficit of three goals, were defensively very poor in the first half. However, Mancini's men, who finally managed to pull their act together, made a stunning comeback in the latter half of the game, scoring three goals via Sergio Augero (60' and 82') and Mario Balotelli (pen 75').

City, who were now attacking very dangerously, nearly managed to make it to the quarters through goalie Joe Hart's header, which was just inches wide of its target.

Check out these photos showing the two teams in action: