After Manchester City's tragic exit from the Europa League, the club's Ivorian defender Kolo Toure has reportedly pressed his manager, Roberto Mancini, to hasten the re-introduction of Argentinean striker Carlos Tevez, according to an ESPN report.

"I can't wait to see him in this team. He's a fighter, he's a strong competitor. He's a great player. His quality is fantastic. We've shown with the quality we showed when we played against [United], we've been on top for almost eight months. This team has the power, and now we just need to believe and, game-by-game, give 100 per cent," ESPN quoted Toure as saying.

Tevez, who has been training regularly since his return from Argentina last month, is very close to making a comeback for City, following his controversial fight with Mancini during a Champions League game with Bayern Munich last September.

Mancini had earlier indicated he was ready to re-introduce Tevez, if he felt the player was ready.

"We will see in the next week. It depends on Carlo. If Carlo is OK then probably but it depends on a lot of things," Reuters quoted Mancini as saying.

Mancini's men, who have been knocked off the top of the Premier League by rivals Manchester United , are at risk of ending this season without any silverware, after having a promising start.

With only ten games remaining, City will have eyes only on the Premier League and particularly their next game - against a Chelsea side who have been in formidable form over the last few games.

Finally, calls for Tevez's re-introduction have also come from the club's English defender Micah Richards, who said he would like to see the star striker back in the squad, for the final few games of the Premier League.

"I'm a big fan of Tevez. I've always said that I love him. There were games last season when he carried us on his own; games like this where he would get a 1-0 win for us. Ultimately, it's up to the manager but I'd love to see him back," Daily Mail quoted Richards as saying.