Manchester United boss Sir Alex Ferguson, who was very disappointed with this team's loss to Wigan, has said that he is now under pressure to win the remaining games this season after the Red Devils' eight point lead was reduced to five following the shock defeat.

The 70 year old Scot admitted being disappointed over referee Phil Dowd's decision, when the Red Devils were denied a penalty following Phil Jones's cross being handled by Maynor Figueroa in the 72nd minute.

"Figueroa didn't seem to handle it - he did handle it. The thing is, if he had been close to Phil Jones then you would say you are not going to get that kind of decision but he was 15 yards away. That was disappointing. Sometimes you get the breaks and sometimes you don't. Last Sunday we got a break [against QPR] and it evens itself out over the season. They talk about the big clubs getting all the big decisions but tonight we didn't get one," The Guardian quoted Ferguson as saying.

Ferguson also said the corner which led to Wigan's goal should have been a goal kick.

"The corner leading to Maloney's goal] was a bye-kick [goal kick]; it was clearly a bye-kick. I thought Phil Dowd had a disappointing game tonight. I don't think he ever got a grip with everything," quoted Ferguson as saying. However, the United boss feels that despite the referee's poor decisions, Wigan were the better side that night.

"It was a disappointing night for us. We were second to every ball in the first-half we were completely dominated by Wigan. With them playing three centre-backs we gave them a lot of time on the ball to build their attack. We decided to go a bit more against it in the second-half and to a degree that was better for us but in the first-half we were completely dominated. It was one of those awful nights that you sometimes get in football. It's unavoidable sometimes," he added.

Meanwhile, Wigan, who finally managed to get themselves out of the relegation zone, had one of their greatest nights ever.

"This is the first time this club has ever taken a point from Manchester United. You can imagine what it means," said Wigan boss Roberto Martínez (who also denied rumours that he was leaving Wigan at the end of the season), according to The Guardian.

"I loved the arrogance of the players tonight. We defended very well but we were patient on the ball and played Manchester United eye-to-eye," he added.

Fersuson also praised the Latics, saying that they have played the best football this season despite their current position.

"You have to recognise that Wigan are in a false position. They have played some of the best football in the league. Despite their position they have played their football all night and you have to give them credit for that. They are a very, very under-rated team," he further added.