The new 'McDiving' craze see diners take a run-up and launch themselves towards the restaurant's kitchens. Getty

In 2011 it was all about 'Planking', 2012 gave us 'Milking' and now the latest bizarre craze taking the nation by storm is 'McDiving'.

The new trend, which sees McDonald's diners launch themselves over the restaurant counters, has gone viral after students posted online videos of themselves landing in heaps.

University undergraduates from Bath, Newcastle and Aberdeen are amongst the many getting involved.

One YouTube video shows a man performing the stunt while dressed as a giant banana, before being unceremoniously dragged from behind the counter by a bouncer.

While planking encouraged people to produce photographs of themselves face down with stiffened arms and legs in ridiculous locations, "milkers" entertained their viewers by having a clothed shower with four-pint containers of milk in public places.

McDiving, a potentially dangerous trend, has already provoked the wrath of bosses at the global burger franchise.

A McDonald's spokesperson said: "We do not condone jumping over our restaurant front counters. It poses a serious health and safety risk to both the participants and our restaurant staff."

Jake Warren, 22, a politics and social policy graduate from Leeds University, said: "A friend of mine claims to have invented the sport.

"There was a McDonald's in Leeds where we used to go after a night out - and he said, 'I'm going to do a McDive'. He then dived over the counter. I thought it was quite funny when I first saw it. People usually cheer."

The McDiving Facebook page warns: "Beware - you must be prepared for the wrath of the bouncers."