After the 'Red John' episode of The Mentalist, Patrick Jane is now a wanted man. But that doesn't stop him from rebuilding his life. As the CBS drama jumps two years into the future, the FBI's Dennis Abbott (Rockmond Dunbar) is still looking for the man who killed Red John, reports Enstars.

Although Jane (Simon Baker) is now secreted away in a South American country, series creator Bruno Heller tells TV Line that, not only will the faux psychic have to face the consequences of his crime, but the fate of his future is largely out of his hands.

However, Jane will still get to experience life free of the burden of finding his family's killer.

"In a very real sense, he's a happier person; a weight has been taken off his shoulders. In that way, a weight has been taken off the show," Heller told Entertainment Weekly. "So it's going to be the same show, to some degree, but a show with less darkness at the edges, and more freedom to roam. Jane has more freedom and a sense of possibility and liberty."

While the show won't be mentioning Red John anytime soon, there is one bit of the story that Heller may choose to revisit. Was Thomas McAllister (Xander Berkeley) really a psychic or was he given the names of Jane's Red John suspects via a mole from Jane's trusted companions?

Heller will leave "that thread dangling," according to TV Line.

When The Mentalist returns next Sunday with "My Blue Heaven," expect to see the former CBI team scattered while Jane buddies up with a new woman (a romantic angle in the works?)

Here's the promo of upcoming episode, My Blue Heaven: