In a shocking turn of events, the bodyguard and close friend of former American star singer Michael Jackson, Matt Fiddes, has revealed what he claims are never before shared secrets of the deceased star musician.

Fiddes revealed Jackson was truly in love with fellow singer Whitney Houston and even dreamt of marrying her. The couple apparently had a flint at Jackson's ranch - Neverland - but Jackson could never get over being dumped.

"I loved Michael so much but I finally feel it's time to get everything that horrified and upset me over the years off my chest. I also know this affair will end all the myths that Michael was some kind of child molester - he was a straight man," Fiddes said in an interview with the Sun.

"One of the many stories that has never been told about Michael is that he had an ultra-secret affair with Whitney Houston that he never got over. He was furious when he heard she had also slept with Jermaine but this didn't stop him holding a candle for her his whole life. They met because they were two of the biggest recording artists on the planet and mixing in the same circles. They instantly connected as kindred spirits because they understood each other's massive fame. Whitney practically moved in to Michael's ranch and they had a fling like any other young couple. But Michael said later he had always hoped the relationship had gone further, and I know he dreamed of marrying her. They were both a mess, to be honest. They shared what would be their final hugs and Michael begged Whitney to get off the drugs that were destroying her life. The two of them whispered that they loved each other as they hugged. The emotion was written all over their faces," Fiddes said.

Meanwhile, Fiddes also called Jackson a Nazi sympathiser who needed psychiatric "re-programming" and someone who did not want to be recognised either as a man or a woman.

"He didn't want people to think of him as either a woman or man - he wanted to be 'sexless' because he thought it added to his mystery. He didn't realise what a negative impact this had on the public perception of him," Fiddes continued.

The final secret, albeit one that is not as much of a revelation, is that Jackson was addicted to drugs.

"He'd always call me in the early hours of the morning and it was tragic how lonely this man was. It became clear from his voice in those early morning calls he was on a lot of drugs. By the end he was impotent after all the years of abuse. He had two girlfriends then - one a member of staff at his house, the other a young woman. His body was also filled with needle marks from the anesthetic drip he was on that eventually killed him. But he would always insist the holes were 'spider bites' he got while travelling," Fiddes concluded.

Matt Fiddes is at present in a legal battle to prove he is the biological father of Jackson's youngest son - Blanket a.k.a Prince Michael II.

According to the Sun, Fiddes is about to file a request in a Los Angeles court asking for DNA tests. Fiddes' allegations, he added, were based on comments Jackson himself made to him, in Berlin, in 2002.

"Michael told me my sperm (apparently Fiddes supplied his sperm in 2001 after Jackson said he wanted to "create an athletic child") had been used," Fiddes said.