Microosft Xbox
Microsoft could be prepping to bring AI to its gaming. Pexels

A recently spotted Microsoft job listing confirms Gaming AI for Xbox could be in the offing. It is no secret that Microsoft is betting big on artificial intelligence for Windows and its Bing search engine.

Now, it looks like the Redmond-based tech giant is prepping to bring AI to its widely popular video gaming brand, Xbox, as well. A Microsoft-created Xbox Gaming AI team will be building new AI experiences for Xbox, including engines and games.

This piece of vital information has been mentioned in the recent job listing for Xbox Emerging Technologies. Apparently, the company is looking for a Principal Software Engineer with experience in gaming, as well as AI.

What is Microsoft looking for?

The Principal Software Engineer will be part of the Xbox Gaming AI team. The job listing has been published ahead of Microsoft's September event, where the company is expected to announce new Windows 11 AI features. Also, the company recently confirmed that Windows 11 will stop changing your default browser choice.

On top of that, the tech giant is reportedly prepping to bring AI capabilities to in-box Windows 11 apps. In the meantime, Microsoft is looking for a game developer who can help the team build the future of "Game AI" enhanced with deep learning and foundation models.

According to Microsoft, the employee should have technical expertise in creating in-game bots. This is a major sign that Microsoft is exploring AI for in-game experience. However, the company is still mum on its plan to bring AI to gaming.

The job listing suggests Xbox Emerging Technologies is exploring newfangled technology trends in a bid to define the future of gaming. The company's newly formed gaming team will leave no stone unturned in crossing traditional boundaries while putting players and creators at the core of their advancements.

The ideal candidate

"The Xbox Gaming AI team is seeking a Principal Software Engineer with experience in gaming and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to collaborate with and empower Xbox games, engines, and platform teams to explore and create innovative new Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) based features, tools, and services," the job listing notes.

The individual will be working on projects that bring new features, tools, and technologies to life. Moreover, they need to know how to take full advantage of cutting-edge AI and machine learning to further enhance video game experiences and platform tools.

Furthermore, the candidate should be technically proficient and highly collaborative. The game developer needs to have experience in initial prototyping to production engineering. Also, the candidate will be working with several professionals, including machine learning researchers, product managers, data scientists, and other software engineers.