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As always with the launch of a major new consumer product comes the launch of a slew of accessories to go with it, and the Surface tablets for Windows 8 are no different. Here we round-up those that have been announced so far.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories Roundup
Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories Roundup: Microsoft

Microsoft annoucned its Surface tablets for Windows RT and Windows 8 Pro both of them featuring a 10.6in ClearTpye display with Gorilla Glass. The Surface for Windows RT model will be powered by a low-power, ARM-based Nvidia Tegra processor, while the Surface for Windows Pro 8 version be powered by a third generation Intel Core processor, known as Ivy Bridge. The Surface tabelts are both engineered with a precision-crafted VaporMg (pronounced Vapor Mag) casing which is constructed entirely from magnesium - a first for a tablet, according to Microsoft.

"From the fast and fluid interface, to the ease of connecting you to the people, information and apps that users care about most, Surface will be a premium way to experience all that Windows has to offer," elaborates Microsoft.

While the tablets themselves look impressive, one of the most interesting aspects of the launch was the demo of the accessories which will come with the Surface tablets.

Here, we round-up the accessories available for the two surface Tablets:

Touch Cover

The Touch Cover measures 3mm in depth and utilises a unique pressure-sensitivity technology to act as both a cover as well as an integrated keyboard and multitouch touchpad.

It "senses keystrokes as gestures" and allows users to touch type faster when compared to an on-screen keyboard. The Touch Cover is a thin cover that will magnetically attach itself to the bottom of the Surface tablet, in a similar way to Apple's Smart Cover for the iPad.

On the inside of the cover, you will find a multitouch keyboard and trackpad. Steven Sinofsky, head of Windows 8 at Microsoft, said during the presentation that typing on this would be twice as fast as typing on a glass tablet.

The Touch Cover comes in five colours - purple, cyan, black, red and grey. By using a built-in magnetic connector, the Touch Cover clicks onto the Surface tablet.

Thanks to an in-built accelorometer, the Surface tablets can distinguish whether the user is just relaxing his/her hands on the keyboard or typing, which will ensure in reducing accidental key presses.

Type Cover

If however, typing on a touchpad is not to your liking, then Microsoft has also announced another accessory which will give you that true typing experience.

The Type Cover measures 5mm in depth and includes moving keys. The Type Cover provides a more classic typing experience for users who would prefer the traditional keyboard.

It features a traditional keyboard with solid plastic. "It's safe to assume this one is thicker and heavier, turning your tablet into something more closely resembling an Ultrabook," claims Engadget.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories Roundup
Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories Roundup: Microsoft

Digital Ink Stylus

Microsoft has also introduced a pen accessory but only for the Surface for Windows 8 Pro model, as it has two digitizers included on the screen.

"This surface has two digitizers. One for touch, one for digital ink," said Microsoft during the presentation. The distance between the screen and the stylus measures just 0.7mm and ensures accuracy, and Mircosoft believes the user could almost feel that he/she is actually writing on the surface, according to SlashGear.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Accessories Roundup

Moreover, the Surface tablet for Windows 8 Pro will see the "proximity" of the stylus and will stop accepting hand inputs automatically.

Accessories: Pricing and availability

Like the two Surface tablets themselves, Microsoft has remained tight-lipped about the release date and price of the accessories, but once they do announce these, we will update the article.