Jordan Henderson believes that Steven Gerrard has been an inspiration for Liverpool, with the skipper making his second comeback from injury for the Reds in the last 12 months and hoping to become a regular starter for the side.

Gerrard will represent direct competition for Henderson's place in the starting line up now that the midfielder has made a return, but the youngster is desperate to have his idol back in the squad to be a positive influence in the dressing room.

And after Liverpool suffered numerous setbacks over December, with lacklustre results on the pitch and controversy off it, Henderson believes that Gerrard has the ability to get the club back on track in their goal to challenge for a Champions League spot.

"Steven is an inspiration for everyone here," Henderson told the official Liverpool website.

"You could see that when he came on against Newcastle, the whole atmosphere of the place lifted and on the pitch everyone lifted a gear.

"I don't know why we pushed our game on when Steven came on. But I think that shows just how good he is. He can change games and is a massive player for Liverpool.

"He is a massive threat to the opposition. He showed that with a great touch and a great finish for his goal."

Henderson believes that having Gerrard back in the Liverpool squad will help him to develop his own skills, with the 21 year old hoping to make his mark on the England squad alongside the star as well.

"You learn things in training off different players," he explained.

"I've learned a lot from Steven in training and when he's played in games and now he's back I hope to learn even more.

"Everyone knows he is an outstanding player and it's a real plus for us that he's back.

"I do try and watch him and see how he does things, and there are great players at Liverpool that I can try and learn from.

"I need to concentrate on my own game and keep on improving. Hopefully players like Stevie can help me do that."

Gerrard looks set to feature for Liverpool tonight when the side take on Manchester City, and while he may not start at Etihad Stadium, the 31 year old will be favoured to make at least a mention for the Reds.