Twilight actor Kellan Lutz has insisted that he is just friends with Bangerz star Miley Cyrus.

"It just makes me laugh. I've been friends with Miley for, like, six years. She's a great girl...We are friends (and) we run in the same circle," he stated.

"Are we dating? No, I'm happily single... I'm not (looking for a relationship) right now. I'm enjoying life and travelling quite a bit... There's no real time to find the one," Lutz added.
Lutz also found it confusing as to why people thought they were dating.

''For Miley, I've been friends with her for six years now and we run in the same's always interesting when two public figures who might be single are seen together. Oh let's start a rumour that they might be together...I just laugh it off," he says.

''I'm just focused on work but I'm happy to be friends with her," he added.

Just a few weeks back, Cyrus was reported to be having a fling with Lutz.

According to US Weekly, the pair were hanging out together for some time in December. Lutz apparently reached out to Cyrus sometime early in December.

"The next day, they hung out. And they've been hooking up ever since," a source explained, according to the weekly.

The 21-year-old Bangerz singer also apparently invited the 28-year-old actor to an overnight jaunt from Miami to the Bahamas. The couple were "pictured" walking off the same private jet, separately, after returning to Miami from the excursion.

"It doesn't hurt that he's Liam's pal. But they really enjoy each other's company," the source was quoted as saying, adding that Lutz was "nice eye candy" for Cyrus.