Bruce Lee's reincarnation? Four year old boy's amazing nunchakus skills reminds fans of legendary martial artist
A screenshot from the viral video of the little boy displaying his nunchaku skills YouTube

A video of a four-year-old boy swirling nunchakus like a pro have gone viral on the internet.

The little kung fu artist can be seen enacting legendary actor and marital artist Bruce Lee's moves in lightening speed.

Lee was famous for his swift kung fu skills, which he displayed in all his movies.

The boy uses the martial art weapon and syncs it perfectly with that of the kung fu legend's movements. He uses the nunchakus with both hands flawlessly.

Nunchakus is considered a lethal weapon in the field of martial arts, however, the boy appears to have mastered his skills and synchronises perfectly with Lee's speed, reflexes, hand control and most importantly timing.

One YouTube user praised the boy and said that he is "by far the coolest kid I've ever seen".

Another compared the Chinese boy with the legendary marital artist and said "Lil' Bruce Lee has got mad nunchuck skills."

Social media users are predicting that the four year old prodigy, whose name is not know, will become an expert martial artist.

Below are some tweets from fans of the prodigy.