It was just another high school basketball game, like thousands upon thousands played all across the United States every night of the season.

But this one had an improbable ending which is being played over and over again on evening newscasts. The season looked finished for New Rochelle High; down by 2 points, just 2.9 seconds left and then senior Khalil Edney experienced every young basketball player's dream.

With just seconds on the clock and New Rochelle down by two points, Mount Vernon stole the ball thinking the clock was about to run out. An opposing player from Mount Vernon threw the ball and Edney grabbed it at the Mount Vernon foul line. Edney threw the ball three-quarters of the court into the net as the buzzer sounded, giving New Rochelle the 61-60 victory.

Edney lost his Mother six years ago to cancer. She was just 33. His arms bear tribute... "Mama's Boy," it says, above his mother's birthday and the day she died.

"Not a time I don't think about her, situations like this..You can say it was heaven, like, it was an angel at the game, cause that's the way the shot went down," Edney said at practice following the big game.

Fans rushed the court after the three-pointer went in. Edney didn't even know the basket didn't count, at first, because of all the excitement. The referees reversed their decision after looking at video replay. In less than one day, video of the shot surpassed one million views on YouTube.

Presented by Adam Justice