Tom Cruise may be all set to walk down the aisle for the fourth time, this time around with his British personal assistant Emily Thomas.

The 53-year-old Hollywood actor and scientologist is said to be smitten by his 22-year-old PA who has more than a passing resemblance to his third wife, Katie Holmes.

Rumours have it that the actor while in Morocco recently, could have popped the question of marriage which could take place as early as this December.

The pair have been romantically linked since 2014 when they met on the actor's latest Mission Impossible series Rogue Nation, to be released soon.

Cruise never left Emily's side except to shoot his scenes, said Star, while adding that the actor was "really happy when she was around".

Emily in turn reciprocated and took care of the actor's needs, said another source.

Tom Cruise split from Katie Holmes back in 2012 owing mainly to differences over bringing up their child and his adherence to scientology.

However, rumours have it that the unofficial public face of Scientology might soon cut ties with the organisation to make up to his daughter with whom he hasn't spent much time.

Scientology was not supportive of Cruise's relationship with Kidman, nor his marriage with Katie Holmes. Will Emily Thomas win the church's favour? Remains to be seen.

The actor's first marriage with Mimi Rogers, 59 ended after three years. Next up the aisle was Nicole Kidman, 48 who he divorced in 2001. The marriage with Katie Holmes, 36 lasted for six years.