Fans of the Disney Pixar hit Monsters Inc will be excited to catch a glimpse of the long-awaited sequel, Monsters University.

The new film will follow the characters of Mike Wazowski and James 'Sully' Sullivan, voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman, as they learn the art of scaring during their university years.

Monsters Inc was a classic example of Pixar taking a well-known concept - monsters living in the wardrobes of frightened children - and giving it an original spin. The 2001 film portrayed the monsters as being oblivious to the effects they have on the children, as they collect screams to power their world.

It was only when a young girl named Boo comes into contact with the monster world and befriends Mike and Sully that they realise that they do not want to scare children any more.

It will be interesting what path the sequel takes, as it heads back in time a decade or so, which means Boo will not be included in the film.

Plot details that have been released suggest the sequel will focus on the friendship of Mike and Sully at university, as the film-makers look to capture the easy chemistry that Goodman and Crystal in the original.

Pixar is not a studio that lets itself be rushed into a quick, money-making sequel. It has waited 11 years to return to the monster world, despite fans of the first film clamouring for a follow-up.

However, it was with a sequel that the studio, which has maintained a spectacular run of hits, took its first hit critically. Cars was probably the least well-received of its films in 2006, yet it was also one of the most profitable when it came to merchandising. Pixar's decision to make a sequel in 2011 was seen by many as the studio caving in to market pressure.

The fact that Pixar is returning to another of its successful films after more than a decade might suggest a dearth of new ideas, but that does not appear to be the case with the impending release of its most recent effort, Brave, a medieval adventure unlike anything it has produced so far.

The Toy Story trilogy has shown that Pixar is more than capable of maintaining quality throughout a series of films, especially when it is dealing with some of its most popular characters. Whether it repeats that winning strategy with Monsters University remains to be seen.

Monsters University is due for release in July 2013.