The United Nations says more observers are needed in Syria.

The first members of the small team supported by the Arab League have arrived back in Damascus after visiting Daraa province yesterday where the first violence started. The current fragile ceasefire seems to be holding yet head of the UN, Ban Ki Moon says he needs something like 250 monitors out there instead of just 6 and the use of helicopters.

Despite the small numbers this time round Colonel Ahmed Himiche, who's leading the team, says it went well "Our mission is to build a relationship among Syrian forces, the authorities and other parties as well. We will try to link with all the parties since our mission is a technical one basically it is building connections with all the parties."

Getting food and basic medical supplies through to people caught up in the civil conflict is a priority. And strangely enough some aid managed to turn up at a refugee centre in Homs. Crowds cheered as two well-known volunteers (namely President Basher al-Assad and his wife) arrived to help distribute some of it. Scenes broadcast by Syrian TV which we're sure the Arab League will look at with some raised eyebrows.