'They will meet again' was the outcome at the end of a second day of talks over Iran's nuclear programme in Baghdad. Despite the UN Nuclear chief's confidence about a deal – it was more a case of 'No Deal' between the G5 + 1 powers and Iran.

Whether or not Iran is enriching uranium with a view to making nuclear weapons versus their country's insistence that it is purely for peaceful purposes is still very much the sticking point. Iran said it won't stop the programme and it's their right to not to.

Yet all sides involved say the door is still open for more talks. Iran's Chief Negotiator Saeed Jalili said 'The result of the talks was that we were able to get more familiar with each other's views.

Meanwhile EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton said it was worthwhile: "It is clear that we both want to make progress, and that there is some common ground. However, significant differences remain. Nonetheless, we do agree on the need for further discussion to expand that common ground."

They've all agreed to meet again next month in Moscow.