Natasha Giggs, ex-lover of Ryan Giggs, has received death threats from a stalker on Twitter.

Soon after many of her followers tweeted her to call the police, she received a tweet from Greater Manchester Police insisting her to report it on 101 0r 999 in case of emergency.

gmpolice G M Police

"@NatashaGiggs Hi, several people have tweeted us saying you've had threatening tweets. We recommend u report it on 101 or 999 if emergency."

Natasha tweeted saying, "Ok, no more talk of this FREAKY smackrat... they will not be ruining my day, today or any other day... Obviously a bit of a not right!"

The stalker, whose account is under the name of jersey_justin and calls himself "I am Twitter's first killer tweeter," sent her messages threatening to kill her because of her affair with footballer brother-in-law Ryan Giggs.

He tweeted, "i will enjoy u more than enyone previous! u deserve it the most u r worthy!!! i cant wait to see the pain and fear in yr eyes@NatashaGiggs."

He even tweeted that police can't trace him and threatened her friends to stay away from her. "Don't ask questions, just stay away from Natasha over the next few weeks!!!! Listen to this advice!!! I am doin u a favour."

Police were trying to trace the culprit on Wednesday.

A spokesperson for Natasha told the Daily Star: "She is terrified. She has absolutely no idea who this could be. It is so sinister."