The third Thanksgiving episode of New Girl
The third Thanksgiving episode of New Girl (Photo: NewGirlonFOX/facebook)

The New Girl cast ventures outdoors for their third Thanksgiving episode after two rather strong and memorable previous ones related to the festivities.

In "Thanksgiving III," Nick's storyline is all about reclaiming his masculinity, after Coach had been teasing him about his flamboyant Turkey Day invite, reports IGN.

This eventually results in a camp-filled Thanksgiving, with Nick assigning "hunters" and "foragers," creating a makeshift spear out of a stick and a kitchen knife, and catching a dead, rotten fish.

Even if New Girl were not an entertaining bit of comedy, it could work quite well as a cautionary tale about what not to do on a major holiday if you value your well-being. Zap2it lists them out:

1. When your roommate challenges your manhood, do not respond by planning a back-to-nature camping trip.
2. Bring more than beer for Thanksgiving dinner.
3. If you dig a bear hole, be sure to clearly mark its location for later reference.
4. Remember that there are such things as solar-powered cell-phone chargers.
5. Always remove the sticker from an apple.
6. It's probably not the best idea to invite a woman, her ex-boyfriend and her potential boyfriend on the same camping trip.
7. Don't eat the pre-dead fish. It will give you Legionnaire's disease.

But of course there was comedy in "Thanksgiving III" as well. This can best be seen in quotes from the episode:

"I should've known beets didn't come from nature. Nothing perfect comes from nature." - Nick

"You're going to get Bieber fever!" - Coach

"Goodness gracious! What are you, a sorcerer?" - Schmidt, when Coach builds a fire

"I have good news from the doctor: You don't have rabies." - Nick to Jess

"You can't forage for beer." - Nick