Taylor Swift, while her "Anti-Hero" spends its second week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 songs chart, gave her fans a surprise remix of this song with new lyrics, in collaboration with Jack Antonoff's American rock band Bleachers.

A mysterious countdown on her official website revealed the drop Swifties around the world have been waiting for. Billboard reports that "Anti-Hero feat. Bleachers" gives Antonoff the second verse where he changes the original viral phrase "sexy baby" to "art bro." He sings, "Sometimes I feel like everybody is an art bro lately. And I just judge them on the hill. Too hard to hang out talking s— about your famous baby. Pierce through the heart of 90s guilt."

Ms Swift proudly announced the new collaboration to the world by sharing it on Instagram and encouraging people to download the new version at her official store. The "Midnight Rain" singer captioned a photo of the Grammy-winning pair "Jack's version of 'sexy baby' is 'art bro' and we sincerely hope it confuses just as many people."

The song's newest version has been widely well received with Twitter user @joshspankindun providing enlightening discourse on how this updated version of her deeply personal "Anti-Hero" track presents a new layer on Taylor's vulnerabilities.

She says, "realizing that "taylor you'll be fine" isn't a friend comforting a friend but actually a condescending statement from a society who thinks taylor is over dramatic about her feelings and is the anti-hero." Taylor was publicly hated and cancelled by fans and other celebrities in the industry in 2016 after her feud with Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

Variety reveals that "Midnights"' continues to be an all-around success with 575,000 copies on vinyl, along with 395,000 on CD and even 10,000 on cassette. It has the largest second-week total for any album since 2015 when Adele's '"25" sold 1.162 million units in its second frame back 2015.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift will testify against DJ David Mueller over claims he groped her bum in 2013 Neilson Barnard/Getty Images