In an interview with Joshua Siegel from Bellevue, Washington, he revealed to Business Insider how Taylor Swift influenced the success of his direct-to-consumer casket business after featuring it in her "Anti-Hero" music video. His company, "Titan Casket," saw a huge spike in traffic after Swifties started posting threads of products featured in Swift's videos.

"Taylor didn't know it, but when she emerged from the casket in that video, she really helped begin the drive in industry reform with how people plan funerals. We want to be at the heart of that reform," he attested.

Siegel further explained that her immense following has increased awareness and interest in caskets by featuring it in her "Midnights" album music video. Taylor Swift Style publicly recommended the exact casket the "Midnight Rain" singer used in her video and posted a photo of it along with its price. They also linked the tweet to Titan Casket's social media account.

He said, " What we're most excited about is there's now who-knows-how many people who are aware of their rights to get caskets outside funeral homes. We expect over time that will not only help our business but also will help families have better outcomes because they know they have options. We want to be within one day's travel of every major metropolitan area in the US; you don't want to be flying caskets around."

Titan Casket used to only employ five full-time employees domestically and four contractors in the Philippines. They are now twice as big and recently closed a $3.5 million seed funding in June.

Following their global, unintended promotion when they sold their casket to an unnamed production company in July, Bloomberg has written that "Titan Casket is wooing customers away from the funeral industry's top players with affordability, convenience—and pop culture branding."

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