"Midnight Rain" is the 6th track in Taylor Swift's newest record-breaking album, "Midnights." Swift herself revealed that this album is autobiographical and inspired by real people who have impacted her life. This song goes against her usual narrative. In this one, she is the heartbreaker instead of the heartbroken... but who could it be about?

The song opens with a mysterious low voice that appears to be uncredited. Among the thousands of questions Swifties have on the countless easter eggs, and hidden clues, the identity of the mystery singer has been answered. A source close to Taylor confirmed to Uproxx, "that is Taylor's voice pitched down on Midnight Rain." With that out of the way, fans are now focused on finding out who the song is about.

Some TikTok theorists are convinced that "Midnight Rain" is directly referencing Taylor Lautner, Swift's high-profile, "Back to December" relationship, which she wrote as a public apology for breaking the actor's heart since he "gave me all your love and all I gave you was goodbye."

Lautner's "Twilight" character, Jacob, was described as just like sunshine and 'Midnight Rain' contains the lyrics, "He was sunshine, I was midnight rain." Moreover, Swift's singing career was just getting started when she ended things with him in 2009, and she talks about "chasing that fame" while her jilted lover "stayed the same," which is the case for Lautner's acting career.

An alternative theory is that the album's sixth track is for Tom Hiddleston, who she started dating after their dancing video at the 2016 Met Gala went viral and subsequently broke up with three months later. Many listeners are convinced that "Midnight Rain" is a direct reference to their public whirlwind relationship.

Others are convinced that "Midnight Rain" is Swift's own queer anthem for her estranged best friend, Karlie Kloss. Swifties have long linked the two to have been more than friends during her "1989" era, as Kloss had her own "special guest room" in Taylor's house. Their friendship soured after the supermodel seemed to have taken Scooter Braun's side when Taylor was fighting for the ownership of her masters. Braun is not only a good friend of Karlie but also her manager.

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