Half of LulzSec Detained by Police?
British police have detained a third suspected LulzSec member, meaning that if LulzSec's claims are true, up to half of the hacker group could already have been caught by the world's law enforcement. IBTimes

After apparently disbanding, in response to the recent phone hacking scandal sweeping the globe, the hacker collective LulzSec has resurfaced hacking the News International, Rupert Murdoch owned Sun website.

In keeping with its previous pattern, the group claimed responsibility for the attack via its Twitter page tweeting: "If you visited The Sun before we did this (may God have mercy on your soul) clear your cache so the redirect works. #MurdochMeltdownMonday."

After breaking into the U.K. Sun newspaper's website the "lulz seeking" hackers proceeded to tamper with numerous parts of the site.

In its first attack, LulzSec redirected all internet users logging onto the site to a fake story reporting that Murdoch had been found dead in his garden.

Then, after the site had been taken down by News International, the group went on to redirect visitors to LulzSec's Twitter page.

While the attack was going on, in keeping with its "lulz chasing" philosophy, the group posted a series of tweets mocking News International and Rupert Murdoch: "WE HAVE JOY WE HAVE FUN, WE HAVE MESSED UP MURDOCH'S SUN."

Later following up: "How'd you manage to stab yourself in the back, Murdoch? How'd you get your arms to bend back like that? You old bastard."

News International has since clarified that it is "aware" of the attack.

The attack is the first done by LulzSec since it announced it was disbanding earlier this year. The group previously gained notoriety after it enacted a series of high profile hacks on numerous companies and government agencies. The groups confirmed targets included Sony, Nintendo, the U.S. CIA and U.K. Serious Organised Crimes Agency.

The collective is also credited as one of the major contributors to Anonymous ongoing AntiSec campaign.

LulzSec did not clarify why it had resurfaced to attack News International, nor whether the attack marked a true return or simply a one-off protest.