iOS 7.1 Upgrade: iPhone 5s Users Facing Major Touch ID Issues [How to Fix]

Upon the release of the iPhone 5s, several Apple fans were upset that the latest iPhone used only an 8 megapixel camera.

However, reports now indicate that Apple might repeat itself and use an 8 megapixel camera in its purported iPhone 6 as well, says a report from AppleInsider, citing people familiar to the matter.

Despite the market's craze for high megapixel counts, it looks like Apple will enhance its smartphone cameras without increasing the megapixel count like other manufacturers.

The iPhone maker will focus on advancements through software and critical features such as optical image stabilization, according to the report.

The report uses the example of the current iPhone 5s, indicating that "Apple is not interested in playing the numbers game when it comes to camera sensor pixel count.

Instead of boosting the number of pixels in the iPhone 5s camera, Apple enlarged each pixel's size to 1.5 microns in diameter, a 0.1-micron increase from the iPhone 5.

The larger surface area increased the sensor's light gathering capabilities by 33 percent compared to the previous iSight rear facing camera."

iWatch MIght Not Happen, Says Analyist

In other news, unlike the vast majority of the media, Mike Oertli from doesn't agree that Apple is working on the purported iWatch smartwatch, according to a report from PhoneArena.

Oertli says that "there is no iWatch." He has continued a discussion which was started by Craig Hockenbury at Furbo and Ben Bajarin at Techpinions, both of whom believe that Apple isn't going to come out with its won smartwatch in the near future.

"It's my view that the technology needed to make that great product that does everything just isn't there yet," says Hockenbury, according to BGR. "There are too many compromises."

However, there is very little evidence to back most of these suggestions, so they should be taken with a grain of salt. Whether Apple will bring out the iWatch is something that remains to be known.