Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard has been accused of knowingly infecting an unnamed woman with genital herpes.

The alleged victim, who goes by "Jane Doe" to maintain her anonymity, filed a lawsuit in Broward County, Florida. She is seeking compensation for damages amounting to over $30,000 plus a jury trial in the case. According to the woman, she contracted genital herpes, which is an incurable disease, after it was transmitted to her by Howard.

She also claims that the NFL star intentionally kept her in the dark after he had already found out that he tested positive for the sexually transmitted disease, therefore leaving her vulnerable to getting infected.

According to a report by the Florida Sun Sentinel, Howard initially denied giving the complainant genital herpes, but later accepted responsibility for it. He reportedly said, "Maaaaan I been told you I was sorry for giving it to you. But what can I do now? The damage is done."

The woman reportedly met Howard in February 2018 while she worked at Quest Diagnostics. Ironically, he was there to get tested for STDs.

The pair started a sexual relationship soon after meeting and Howard even showed her negative STD screening results from February 2018.

It was not until 2019 that Howard tested positive for the herpes simplex virus type 2, which causes genital herpes. However, despite knowing this, he did not inform the complainant. They continued their relationship and she believes that he subsequently infected her. Jane Doe claims that she has no other possible points of infection after maintaining a sexual relationship only with the accused.

She only became aware that she had contracted the disease in 2021 after getting tested in a routine screening. She confronted Howard, and after initially denying it, he later admitted that he had herpes.

The woman is seeking damages for the physical and psychological damage the ordeal has caused. She will live with the virus her entire life, therefore diminishing her ability to live a full and healthy life.

Meanwhile, another interesting twist to the story is that Howard has been engaged to Keli/Keeli Long throughout this time. That relationship is not smooth sailing either, after reports of domestic abuse came out in early 2020 stemming from an argument over the purchase of a handbag. The charges were later dropped. The couple share three children together.

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