Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) fighter Nick Diaz has lashed out at Irish superstar Conor McGregor, claiming that he is never going to be the best. Diaz who is the brother of American fighter Nate Diaz is not impressed by McGregor attributing his success and popularity to the promotional machine behind him rather than actual Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) skills.

"He's not a great fighter though. On paper, he's not. Who are the 145-pound fighters who he beat up? Nobody good, in my opinion. Just a lot of commercials and advertising. How many blackbelts has he tapped out? When he was talking shit back-and-forth about fighting Floyd Mayweather, like, you have already lost to two guys who are not on a legitimate level," Nick said as quoted by MMAMania.

McGregor and Nate have been involved in two brilliant fights in recent times, with the latter being the only person to beat the Irishman in his UFC career so far. Nate had shocked McGregor at UFC 196 beating him via submission in the second round, but the 28-year-old got his revenge at UFC 202 winning the rematch by a majority decision.

"That just tells me, look, you ain't ever going to be the best. You already lost to two f*****g guineas. I ain't ever losing to somebody who lost to some f*****g Irish land guineas. That's fact, that's on paper. And on gym, you can see what kind of work he has put in. He ain't working with nobody- he ain't working with no black belts. He has no legitimate trainer," the 33-year-old added.

McGregor is scheduled to face lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez for a title bout at UFC 205 on 12 November at the first show in New York at the Madison Square Garden. A win for the Irishman will ensure that he becomes the first fighter in UFC history to hold two titles as he is currently the featherweight champion as well.

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Nick Diaz has hit out at Conor McGregor claiming he will never be the best Getty