After driving under the influence and being accused of two counts of hit and run, Nicolas Cage's son is facing up to a year behind bars.

Weston Cage, the Hollywood actor's 26-year-old son, embarked upon a wild car chase with the Los Angeles police department which ended in him crashing into a tree, said TMZ.

The chase began when the aspiring actor fled from a fracas with another driver during a ride home. Exchanging details with the other driver, Cage then attempted to speed off before the police arrived.

In the pursuit, which occurred one mile away from the accident, Cage also took down mailboxes and a street sign as he sped through the San Fernando Valley.

When he was finally caught, the aspiring actor was found to have a 0.15 blood alcohol count, which is double the legal limit in the state.

The father-of-one, who also lost a tire during the chase, was arrested on the lawn of a residence when he crashed his Chevy Camaro, reported the Daily Mail.

Although Weston Cage, who is also a solo metal singer, said that he had previously gotten sober for the sake of his son, two-year-old Lucian, it appears that he has been struggling with his relationship with alcohol in more recent months.

"He saved my life because as soon as I saw him I didn't want to drink anymore," the star told "It's been over one year and I have not had a drop of alcohol. It's just not worth it. And I don't miss the hangovers."

Weston Cage was previously arrested for domestic violence on two different occasions while married to his first wife Nikki Williams.

The pair married after a two-week engagement in 2011.

Weston is Nicolas' child from his relationship with actress Christina Fulton.

He also has another son, Kal-El, who was born in 2005. He split from the mother of his second son, Alice Kim, in 2016.