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It was reported last week that F1 driver Lewis Hamilton and Pussycat Dolls bombshell Nicole Scherzinger had split after being together for four years. The reason for the split was not known then. However, a recent report says Nicole's idea to start a family triggered the split.

Nicole, 33, wanted to take their relationship to the next level. However, Hamilton, who is seven years her junior, was not ready. "I'm not ready for a family," Hamilton reportedly told his friends.

"Lewis decided they had to part. She wanted more than he could offer at this stage in his life," the Daily Mirror quoted a source as saying.

Two years ago, Nicole told The Mirror: "I am the happiest I have ever been. Lewis is such an amazing, humble and chivalrous guy. We would love to have beautiful angel babies together one day."

That dream now is clearly over for Nicole and she is reportedly struggling to cope up with the break up. "Nicole has been going through a tough time. She's juggling work and trying to get over the split with the man she thought she would end up with," said a source close to Scherzinger.

Her friends revealed that she was finding it hard to perform on the X Factor, leading to criticism from boss Simon Cowell. She looked distracted on this week's live shows and afterwards Simon Cowell snapped: "I have no idea what her problem was tonight."