On the final day of his testimony at court, Anders Behring Breivik who killed 77 people in two attacks, appeared weaker, was delusional and was struggling during questioning by the prosecution. Breivik alleged he could tell the idealogy of prospective victims by looking at them and said he planned to steal a plane, to fly to Utoeya Island, to kill as many people as possible.

Psychologist Paal Groendahl who is at the trial repeated the prosecution's question that how could Breivik pilot a plane when he can't drive a car.

While the editor of Dagbladet newspaper John Olav Egeland speaking in Norwegian said Breivik thinks he is a super hero.

"In a way, he regards himself as a super hero, as a founder of a new kind of terrorism. And at this point this becomes too surreal. Many of the psychiatrists think that he's got a so-called narcissistic personality disorder, which means that he thinks highly of himself."

Ahead of the trial, one court-appointed team of psychiatrists concluded Breivik was psychotic while a second team found him mentally capable. If Breivik is deemed sane, as he hopes to be, he could face a 21-year prison sentence with indefinite extensions for as long as he is considered dangerous.