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Hey Joe Coffee mug lets you brew your own coffee. Super Group

Coffee addicts now have something to cheer about. With a blend of science and technology, a new portable coffee maker called Hey Joe Coffee mug lets users brew fresh coffee instantly.

The Hey Joe Coffee mug is a travel sized device driven by a rechargeable battery and operates at three varying temperatures. Users get to brew coffee by simply pressing a button.

An important feature of Hey Joe's coffee mug is that users get to heat their own lukewarm/cold coffee.

"The quality of our coffee is just as good as anything you'll purchase for 4 times the price in a coffee shop, except we are working to solve the problems that go along with that premium price placed on that cup of java you just purchased", states Hey Joe Coffee.

Now, 'Hey Joe' Coffee Mug Lets You Brew Fresh Coffee Instantly
Hey Joe Coffee

How does the coffee mug work?

Hey Joe's coffee mugs comprises two components/reservoirs that are separated at the mug's half point such a way that the top portion stores water, and the bottom portion stores coffee after the water in the top section heats and trickles through to the bottom. Water, not necessarily steaming hot, needs to be added to the top component manually.

By using a tray that is present in the centre of the mug, users can insert the company's (Hey Joe) coffee pods into the tray.

Pressing the power button once brews coffee at 140 degrees Fahrenheit. For users preferring steaming hot coffee, pressing the power button for a second time brews coffee at 155 degrees Fahrenheit.

Pressing the power button for the third time brews cold coffee.

Now, 'Hey Joe' coffee mug lets you brew fresh coffee instantly
Hey Joe Coffee
Now, 'Hey Joe' coffee mug lets you brew fresh coffee instantly
Hey Joe Coffee

What about the coffee mug's battery and the coffee pods?

The battery that powers Hey Joe's coffee mug is rechargeable, and is located below the device. The battery transfers energy to various copper coils that are embedded within the heating unit, in the middle of the coffee maker.

Copper coils harness the battery's energy and enable the heating unit to heat water to a temperature (the three temperature modes) which is set by users. When the water has heated enough, it trickles onto the coffee pod which brews coffee.

What sort of coffee beans do I use in the coffee maker?

By default, Hey Joe Coffee supplies two blends of premium arabica coffee beans that are custom made to sync with the coffee maker. However, Hey Joe coffee also states that users can use their own coffee beans. The difference in coffee tastes respectively should be noticed by users.

What does it cost to buy the coffee maker?

Apparently, the Hey Joe's coffee maker costs $69 and is slated to go on sale from November this year.

According to Hey Joe coffee, the per cup coffee cost would be between 40 and 50 US cents.

The device has also made its way to Kickstarter, where it is being offered currently. The creators of the coffee mug have also said to have raised $20,000.