Apolo Anton Ohno, the most decorated American Winter Olympic athlete of all time, announces his retirement from professional short track speed skating.

"I will be in Sochi. I definitely won't be trying out. But I'll be in Sochi, but I'll be with NBC doing some very cool, in-depth packages around some of the athletes and around the Olympic games. I love the Olympics. I love my sport of short track speed skating, it's been so incredibly good to me. It's taught me so much about myself, about life, about camaraderie and teamwork and training and discipline and all the incredible values that you learn to do sports. And it's going to be awesome being on the other side of the lens this time. So I'm very excited looking forward to working with the new team at NBC and being at the next games at Sochi."

"There's been no official retirement party, I've not had a press conference to say I'm retired but it's pretty safe to say. I mean I'm three years out from any type of competition. I still train and work out, I try to stay as fit as possible, but I'm less than twelve months away from Olympic trials so, I think it's pretty safe to say."