Lisa Johnson
Lisa Johnson went from being heavily in debt to earning millions as a successful business strategist.

Johnson did not have the greatest childhood as she grew up on a council estate and was the victim of bullying from other pupils for being poor and not being able to afford new clothes. She even faced a horrifying threat from another student who had a knife.

After being told that she would not experience success in life and feeling threatened by the knife incident, Johnson dropped out of school.

As a 23-year-old, Johnson was working as a full-time admin assistant, before she decided that there were better opportunities out there. After gaining a law degree four years later, she took on numerous jobs in the banking, law and entertainment sectors.

At one point, Johnson was on a salary worth £60,000 thanks to landing a job in Canary Wharf as a personal assistant. This was deemed remarkable for someone who had endured the circumstances she did growing up.

However, 12 years ago, there was major realignment in the businesswoman's life as she welcomed twin boys into her life. After Finnian and Albert were born, Johnson came to realise the hefty costs of childcare, whilst her marriage was also falling apart.

As Johnson needed a job near her home, she took on a junior admin assistant position five months after giving birth. This saw her take a massive pay cut from her previous job.

The new salary was paying her just £20,000, which was not going to be sustainable for her in the long run.

Johnson shifted towards forging her own wedding planning company. This move did not pay off at first as her lack of expertise contributed to a £35,000 loss.

She made up this debt by learning more about the business landscape by attending free webinars and reading relevant books at the library. Within just five months, her business was making profits.

In 2017, Johnson eventually realised that helping other aspiring entrepreneurs was the ideal path for her. Her strategy business was launched, with it being centred around helping smaller businesses grow and develop a larger online presence.

She aimed to help those looking for a regular income source other than their day-to-day work earnings.

This proved to be the right move for the entrepreneur as she generated profits of £100,000 in the first six months of operating. By the first year's close, profits grew to £220,000 before reaching over £1 million at the climax of the second year.

In the years since the business launched, Johnson has made £16 million. She once made £1 million in just an hour from a single sales launch.

Despite having young twin boys, being a single parent and working a full-time job, Johnson was still able to find enough time to start building her business. For one hour before work, her lunch break and one hour after work, she would dedicate time to her business plan.

Part of her business includes courses that she offers to aspiring entrepreneurs. One To Many and Race To Recurring Revenue have been taught to over 50,000 people, with some following in Johnson's footsteps and earning millions.

Johnson mentions that finding a passive income is feasible for anyone who has somewhat of a business idea. She says: "I take Joe Bloggs off the street and teach them how to make money from the knowledge in their head. It doesn't have to be too complex - it could be someone who teaches hula-hooping or sewing patterns."

When seeking out a successful source of passive income, Johnson mentions the importance of one knowing who their desired clients are and how they will reach this audience. Also, structure and strategy are crucial, as is the ability to sell a product or service well.

Additionally, she mentions it is vital to find happiness with whatever your business idea is.

Johnson also hosts the popular podcast, Making Money Online, which advises how to launch businesses in the digital landscape.