The Olympics are coming- and so are 16,000 athletes and team officials from 200 countries from around the world.

Win, lose or draw they will all need a place to rest- but apparently, not a place to cook.

The complex includes 11 residential blocks with access to have an internet lounge, a bank, and beauty salon and spa, but no kitchens.

Instead the competitors will dine in a 5,000-seat main hall where they are expected to munch their way through 25,000 loaves of bread and drink 75,000 litres of milk.

Jonathan Edwards has competeted in two Olympic games, winning gold in Sydney.

He explained why these facilities matter.


"The most important thing for us at London 2012 is that when the athletes from all over the world arrive here that we give them the best possible facilities in order to produce the amazing performances we want to see from them. I mean the success of our games will depend on how good the sport is so it makes sense for us to get things right for the athletes and I think the most important place for us to get it right is here in the Olympic village."

The apartments will be sold after the Games, complete with kitchens, ensuring that the legacy of2012 lives on.