Omar Borkan Al Gala
Omar Borkan Al Gala has Fans Going Crazy for his Voice

Omar Borkan Al Gala, the 25-year-old Emirati who was deported from Saudi Arabia for being "too handsome", now has fans around the world going crazy for his voice.

The man described by one newspaper as possessing "unlawful good looks" has revealed details of his instant stardom to GMA Channel 7, a local television network in the Philippines.

The 66-second video features Al Gala speaking in both English and his native language, Arabic, and is now on YouTube. And only three days after the video was posted, the man's "perfect voice" has women around the world going crazy.

"Now I start noticing a lot of people recognising my face in the malls, in crowded places... and there's a lot of people noticing me, there's a lot of people taking pictures of me. And that feels amazing to be honest with you, it's great" Al Gala says in the video.

Ever since Al Gala's video was released, his female fans have posted numerous comments praising his voice. Comments posted on YouTube include:

"Oh my .... His voice drives me crazy and When he blew a kiss ... fainted," one woman commented.

"My Godddddd......... he is tooooo sexyy" said a fellow viewer.

"Your voice gives me the tingles much love from Australia habibi Sonam Berreck" wrote another.

"The voice. THE VOICE," said yet another fan.

"His english is PERFECT! Great voice!" one user wrote.

The adoring fans were doubtless delighted to hear Al Gana tell the interviewer that he is single, and looking for his perfect match.

Too sexy for Facebook?

However, despite his surge in popularity, the self-described actor, model and fashion photographer appears to have faced fresh censure after being kicked off Facebook.

At Gala, who had about 800,000 likes on Facebook, had his page mysteriously deleted on Tuesday. However, through an alternate account, Al Gala wrote of his "banishment" from the social networking site.

"My previous page has been removed .. and I don't know why? lol" he wrote.

"My previous page was deleted just after posting this video in 2 hours ago. I contacted Facebook about this and there's no response yet what do you think guys?" he asked his fans.

Two men, apart from Al Gala, were also deported from Saudi Arabia for being dangerously good-looking. The men were thrown out of the Janadriyah festival, one of the country's biggest cultural events.

According to an official at the festival, quoted by Emirates 24/7: "Three Emiratis were taken out on the grounds [that] they are too handsome and that the [festival] commission members feared female visitors could fall for them."

Check out the interview video of Al Gala:

[Video Courtesy: YouTube/Gmanews]