OpenAI is reportedly set to release GPT-5 soon. Pexels

Just days after a leaked document indicated that OpenAI is gearing up to unveil GPT-4.5, the rumour mill has started churning out speculations surrounding GPT-5 (or GPT-V).

Hawk-eyed X (formerly Twitter) user @futuristflower recently discovered the link "". Taking to the comments section of the post, X user @MstrMachines noted that the page is now gone and shows a 404 error.

It is worth noting that @futuristflower had previously shared a leaked document that implied OpenAI will release GPT-4.5 soon. The alleged document also attributed Google's decision to launch its Gemini AI soon to the impending arrival of OpenAI's next-generation large language model (LLM).

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman put this speculation to rest when he responded with a simple "nah" to the query "gpt4.5 leak legit or no?" by an X user. Notably, the GPT-4.5 leak carried a steep price tag. So, it is unclear whether Altman dismissed just the pricing or the existence of GPT-4.5.

While nothing is set in stone yet, major signs that OpenAI is set to release GPT-5 have started surfacing online. X user Dimitris Papailiopoulos shared a screenshot of ChatGPT Plus claiming it is running on "gpt5-feeltheAGI-this-is-what-ilya-saw-turbo-512k".

Is OpenAI really developing a superintelligent AI model?

The word on the street is that the OpenAI board fired Altman to stop him from releasing a human-threatening AI model called Q* (pronounced as Q-Star). The new model was considered a step closer to AGI.

Interestingly, the company recently offered $10 million (about £7 million) in grants to support research that focuses on making superintelligent AI systems safe. This could be a step to supervise the long-rumoured Q* model.

Also, a more advanced GPT-5 model has been floating around the rumour mill for a while now. Amid the lack of an official confirmation, some people suggest GPT-5 can turn out to be a video generator model given that it is called "v-test".

This speculation also aligns with the latest trend of releasing idea-to-video platforms like RunwayML, Diffusion, Stable Video and Pika AI.

What will be OpenAI's next big announcement?

Releasing another version of GPT in the coming days makes a lot of sense for OpenAI. With every company comparing their newly launched models with either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4, it is imperative for the AI startup to set a benchmark for all future AI models.

There's no dearth of resources as well if the company decides to go ahead with this. In an X post announcing the reactivation of ChatGpt Plus subscriptions, Altman confirmed that they have found more GPUs, which could be the AMD MI300X.

In the meantime, Google is preparing to launch Gemini Ultra next year. If it turns out to be as good as the search giant claims it is, the Ultra model could pose a significant challenge. So, OpenAI could be planning to launch GPT-5 and set another benchmark.

While details about the purported GPT-5 are still scarce, Altman has previously said it is technically hard to predict exactly what new capabilities and skills the model might offer.