Osama Bin Laden's 3 widows and his 2 adult daughters are on their way to Saudi Arabia after being deported from Pakistan.

The first anniversary of the US military raid killed the leader of al-Qaeda is less than a week away, so it seems like no coincidence that his family members have been shipped out of the country that's being constantly accused of harbouring dangerous Islamic extremists.

In an elaborate attempt to shield their identities, officers from the security forces and the army blacked out the vehicle which then whisked them off to Islamabad airport in the dead of night. It wasn't much of a secret though. Earlier this month they'd all completed their 45 day jail term for entering Pakistan illegally

According to the Interior Ministry a total of 14 members of the Bin Laden family had been deported to the 'country of their choice, Saudi Arabia'

Not sure how warm the reception will be there though: the country stripped Bin Laden of his citizenship back in 1994 after verbally attacking the royal family.