Pop sensations Madonna and Elton John have quite a bit of history between them.

You see... every year, the two compete to throw the best and the most high-profile post-Oscars party. This year proved to be no different.

The two held parties within a couple of miles of each other, on Sunday night... and both were trying very hard to convince all the big-names to come to their do.

Elton John's party was at the Pacific Design Centre, in Los Angeles and tickets to enter cost £2,200; the proceeds went to the Elton John's Aids Foundation Charity.

Meanwhile, Madonna's party was held at Guy Oseary's (her manager) home and, as icing on the cake, the pop queen was personally inviting her guests!

''[She] wants to make sure she has better guests than Elton. The war between them has now become quite personal. Most of the big names will go to the VanityFair party, then they will head to Madonna's after that," a source close to her was quoted as saying by The Digital Spy.

The Madonna-Elton John fight goes back to the time when the former accused her of lip-synching during a tour.

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